• What is a personal statement and how to write it correctly


    A personal statement is a document that is attached to the applicant's resume. It is used to apply for jobs and educational institutions. This document is very important. Therefore, the application should be written as responsibly as possible.


    There are a few rules and guidelines to help get it right.

    Where to start


    The first thing to do is to think it over carefully. Do not rush to write a statement. Think about what will be correct and better to show in it, and what details are better not to include in the document.


    An alternative option is to buy a personal statement written by real professionals. In this case, you will only have to wait for the document to be ready. You will not have to doubt its quality.


    If you decide to take matters into your own hands, then consider a few key recommendations.


    • Come up with a good opening sentence. It should be interesting, fascinating. Avoid generic and standard phrases. They are usually not taken seriously. They are even skipped. But it is important to attract attention with your personal statement from the very beginning;

    • This is not an autobiography. Don't think of the personal statement as some kind of story about yourself. It is an affirmative text. It is important to be persuasive here. You don't need to tell where you were born or who your ancestors were;

    • Discuss your skills and experiences, not describe them. It is not advisable to write arrogantly. People should decide for themselves that you are a worthy candidate and deserve a place in a job or university. Highlight your experience, show what you have achieved in practice. And empty phrases are not necessary. Everyone can write on their personal statement that they can be compassionate or good at communicating with people;

    • Use personal stories. Write in your personal statement why you chose this job or place to study. Be persuasive and form your thoughts clearly. The reader should get the impression that no one else but you could have written it;

    • Solve problems in advance. If you understand that there are shortcomings in the personal statement, it is better to compensate for them in advance. If a person has a low GPA, you can eliminate such a deficiency through motivation, drive, rich experience, and so on;

    • Ask for an opinion from an independent person. Ask people who don't know you to read your personal statement and comment on it. This should be a minimum of five people. It is not necessary to respond to every comment. But it never hurts to get opinions from people with different levels of experience and knowledge. Perhaps you will understand where you made a mistake and correct it in your personal statement.


    Drawing on these tips, you will be able to write a beautiful and high-quality personal statement.